Konica Minolta Bizhub C652

Colour Multi Functional Device

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Konica Minolta Bizhub C652

Konica Minolta Bizhub C652

  • High-speed multifunctional with colour/black & white speeds of 50/65 ppm
  • High-end hardware for high performance – 2,048 MB DDR2 RAM, 250 GB SATA-2 hard disc, 1GB Ethernet, PCI-Express bus system
  • High media capacity and flexibility with 3,650 sheets standard capacity, upgradeable with 3,000 sheets A4 or 2,500 sheets up to A3+ and banner printing possibility
  • Higher standard security level – added IEEE 8.02.1x network access control and hard disc encryption chip (AES 256bit)


Print driver customisation

Smart job queue

Unprintable jobs e.g. because of unavailable paper size (copy, print and fax) are bypassed by consecutive jobs

Print features

Various print features like watermark, n-up, poster or booklet page order can be selected

USB print

Direct print of print files stored on a connected USB stick

Emperon print controller

Konica Minolta’s high-performance controller with support of PostScript3, PCL6, PCL 5e/c and XPS

Copier Specifications

Copying process   Electrostatic laser copy; Tandem; indirect

Toner system   High-definition polymerised toner

Copy/print speed A4 mono (cpm)   65

Copy/print speed A4 colour (cpm)   55

Copy/print speed A3 mono (cpm)   33

Copy/print speed A3 colour (cpm)   25

Autoduplex speed A4 mono (cpm)   65

Autoduplex speed A4 colour (cpm)   50

1st Copy/print time mono (sec)   3.8

1st Copy/print time colour (sec)   5.5

Warm-up time (sec)   Approx. 45

Copy resolution (dpi)   600 x 600

Gradations   256 gradations

Original format   A5-A3

Magnification   25-400% in 0.1% steps; auto-zooming

Copy functions   Chapter; Cover and page insertion; Proof copy (print and screen); Adjustment test print; Digital art functions; Job setting memory; Poster Mode; Image repeat; Overlay; Stamping; Copy Protection


Printer Specifications

Print resolution (dpi)   Equivalent to 1,800 x 600

Controller CPU Type   PowerPC MC7448 @ 1 GHz; 64 BIT

Page description language   PCL 6c (PCL 5c + XL3.0); PostScript 3 (CPSI 3017); XPS

Operating systems   Windows 2000/XP/XP64

Windows VISTA 32/64 DPWS support

Windows 7 32/64

Server 2000/2003/2003×64/2008/2008×64

Macintosh 9.x/10.x


Printer fonts   80x PCL Latin; 137x PostScript 3 Emulation Latin

Print functions   Direct print of PCL; PS; TIFF; XPS; PDF and Encrypted PDF files Mixmedia and mixplex; Job programming “Easy Set”; Overlay; Watermark; Copy Protection


Scanner Specifications

Scan speed colour (opm)   up to 78 (300 dpi via DF)

Scan Speed mono (opm)   up to 78 (300 dpi via DF)

Scan resolution (dpi)   Max.: 600 x 600

Scan modes   Network TWAIN scan; scan-to-email (scan-to-Me); scan-to-FTP; Scan-to-SMB (scan-to-Home); scan-to-Box; scan-to-WebDAV; scan-to-DPWS; scan-to-USB

File formats   JPEG; TIFF; PDF; Compact PDF; Encrypted PDF; Searchable PDF (optional); XPS; Compact XPS

Scan destinations   2,100 (single + group); LDAP support

Scan functions   Annotation (text/time/date) for PDF; up to 400 job programs


Fax Specifications

Fax standard   Super G3 (optional)

Fax transmission   Analogue; i-Fax; Colour i-Fax (RFC3949-C); IP-Fax

Fax resolution (dpi)   Max.: 600 x 600 (ultra-fine)

Fax compression   MH; MR; MMR; JBIG

Fax modem (Kbps)   Up to 33.6

Fax destinations   2,100 (single + group)

Fax functions   Polling; Time shift; PC-Fax; Receipt to confidential box; Receipt to email/FTP/SMB; up to 400 job programs


User box specification

Max. storable documents   Up to 3,000 documents or 10,000 pages

Type of user boxes   Public;

personal (with password or authentication);

group (with authentication)

Type of system boxes   Secure print; encrypted PDF print; fax receiving; fax polling

User box functionality   Reprint; combination; download; sending (email/FTP/SMB and Fax); copy box to box


System Specifications

System memory standard (MB)   2,048

System hard disc standard (GB)   250

Interfaces standard   10/100/1,000-Base-T Ethernet USB 2.0

Network protocols   TCP/IP (IPv4 / IPv6); IPX/SPX; NetBEUI; AppleTalk (EtherTalk); SMB; LPD; IPP; SNMP; HTTP

Frame types   Ethernet 802.2; Ethernet 802.3; Ethernet II; Ethernet SNAP

Automatic document feeder   Up to 100 originals; A6-A3; 35-210 g/m²

Paper size   A6-A3 full bleed;

customised paper sizes;

banner paper max. 1,200 x 297 mm

Printable paper weight (g/m²)   64 – 300

Paper input capacity (sheets)   Standard: 3,650 Max: 6,650

Paper trays standard   Tray 1: 500 sheets, A5-A3+, 64-256 g/m²

Tray 2: 500 sheets, A5-A3+, 64-256 g/m²

Tray 3: 1,500 sheets, A4, 64-256 g/m²

Tray 4: 1,000 sheets, A4, 64-256 g/m²

Manual Bypass:   150 sheets, A6-A3+, custom sizes, 64-300 g/m²

Paper trays optional    Large Capacity Cabinet (1): 3,000 sheets, A4, 64-256 g/m²

Large Capacity Cabinet (2): 2,500 sheets, A4-A3+, 64-256 g/m²

Automatic duplexing   A5-A3+; 64-256 g/m²

Finishing modes (optional)   Offset; group; sort; staple; punch; centre-fold; letter-fold; booklet

Output capacity (w. finisher)   Max.: 3,200 sheets

Output capacity (w/o finisher)   Max.: 250 sheets

Stapling   Max. 100 sheets or 98 sheets + 2 cover sheets (up to 209 g/m²)

Stapling output capacity   Max. 1,000 sheets

Letter fold   Up to 3 sheets

Letter fold capacity   Max. 20 sheets (tray); unlimited

Booklet                   Max. 20 sheets or 19 sheets + 1 cover sheet (up to 209 g/m²)

Booklet output capacity   Max. 100 sheets (tray); unlimited

Copy/print volume recommended (monthly)   100,000 pages

Copy/print volume max. (monthly)   250,000 pages

Toner lifetime Black   45,000

Toner lifetime CMY   30,000

Imaging Unit lifetime Black   285,000/1,140,000 (Drum/Developer)

Imaging Unit lifetime CMY   120,000

Power consumption   Less than 2.0 KW (system)

System dimensions (WxDxH, mm)   650 x 879 x 1155

System weight (kg)   Approx. 221


System Features

Security   ISO 15408 EAL3 (in evaluation); IP filtering and port blocking; SSL2; SSL3 and TSL1.0 network communication; IPsec support; IEEE 802.1x support; user authentication; authentication log; Secure Print; Hard disc overwrite (8 standard types); Hard disc data encryption (AES 128); Memory data auto deletion; Confidential fax receiving; Print user data encryption

Accounting1   Up to 1,000 user accounts Active Directory support (user name + password + email + smb folder)

User function access definition

Biometric Authentication (finger vein) optional

IC-Card authentication (IC-Card reader) optional

Software   PageScope NetCare

PageScope Data Administrator

PageScope Box Operator

PageScope Workware (Trial)

Direct Print Utility

Print Status Notifier

Driver Packaging Utility


  • 1 year onsite warranty
  • Free delivery Australia wide
  • Onsite demonstration and training


* We also provide services to configure the machine to your network or PC’s

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