Xerox ApeosPort VII C3070

Colour Multi Functional Device

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Xerox ApeosPort VII C3070

Accompanied with highest quality standards, The ApeosPort C3070 is truly dynamic in nature. With its versatile feature set of top security certifications, predictive maintenance, automated workflows and multiple finishing options, these device slips right into your work environment.

  • Printing resolution: 1200 x 2400 dpi
  • Prints colour jobs as fast as 30 ppm
  • High-precision, LED print technology for reduced power use
  • Print PDF documents from iPhone, iPad or Android based mobile


Unlock your Evolution

Copy ¦ Print ¦ Scan ¦ Fax ¦ Network

Print speed (30 ppm)

150 ppm on single pass duplex scanning

1200 x 2400 dpi printing resolution

Mobile supported

Optional Wireless LAN supported

The ApeosPort-VII series from Fuji Xerox is designed to accelerate your business evolution, removing technological barriers to allow you greater flexibility to work the way you want to work.

The entire user experience has been redefined, from its clever interactive touch screen and intelligent automated processes, to its seamless integration with cloud services and security features, allowing you powerful control over the creation and distribution of physical and digital documents, as well as predictive management for timely informed decision making.

The ApeosPort-VII series is at the heart of your pathway to realise enhanced businesses operability and scalability. Welcome to your business evolution.

Intuitiveness simplified

The latest multifunction devices share the same intuitive user interface that you have come to know and understand on your smart devices for simple and immersive user experience.

All new User Interface (UI)

Completely renewed UI panel design

The new UI panel can be operated with a tap and swipe just like a smartphone, adding an intuitive and familiar user experience to device operations. All operations can be completed using a single finger on the 10.1 inch colour touch panel. The improved menu navigation makes finding menu items easy, with fewer steps, improving overall operability.

Adjustable UI panel angle

A tilt mechanism has been adopted to enable angle adjustment, enabling the screen to be adjusted to avoid light reflections, or for the user to adjust its angle for an easier view.

Advanced operability

Colourful and user-friendly

Each function has been cleverly grouped by colour, allowing easy user recognition. Frequently used basic functions are displayed in the coloured area so they can be easily found and actioned.

Easy to find and locate

A hierarchy-free screen structure enables the various settings to be checked in a list. Detailed settings can also be specified via tap and swipe operations with a single finger.

Support for multiple languages

The device supports multiple languages including Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese, and can be easily switched to accommodate different users.

Selecting a destination becomes even easier

Destinations can be easily specified from the UI panel when sending a fax, and when sending an email or storing data to your computer when scanning. With the uniform display, only the usable functions and destinations will be displayed according to what you have entered. Even if you are unaccustomed to operating this device, you should be able to specify your destination without worries.


Near Field Communication (NFC)

The Fuji Xerox ApeosPort / ApeosPort VII series offers NFC technology as a standard, for simplifying the print and scan process. Using NFC technology, a contactless communication can be established between a mobile and the multifunction device.

Print Utility

Fuji Xerox Print Utility enables users to print directly from iOS or Android devices, putting mobile printing and scanning convenience

at your fingertips. Print stored photo albums, web pages or shoot and

print on the go from your iOS or Android device. Simply wave your NFC enabled mobile device on the multifunction device to automatically launch Print Utility and you are ready to print or scan.

Portable UI

Your smartphone (iOS and Android ) can be used as a portable UI

panel. Simply set a job on your smartphone and touch the NFC (near

field communication) reader of the multifunction device to perform basic operations such as copy, scan and fax (Store to Folder or E-mail).

User Friendly Operations

User friendliness via light and sound

The device cleverly uses light and sound to notify the user of its state. A gentle sound is easily heard over office noise, changing to correctly notify the user of a completed job. The centre tray area is equipped with a sensor – a soft blue light flashes while printing and stays lit when printing is completed, signifying a job ready for collection. This reduces information leaks due to unretrieved printed documents.

Smart WelcomEyes

Sensors installed in the multifunction device detect an approaching user, automatically waking the device from sleep mode. This allows sleep mode to be engaged permanently for excellent energy saving – while ensuring that the device is ready to go, when you need it.

Widely supporting various paper types

From postcards to long paper

The device supports a wide variety of sizes and weights, from envelopes, postcards to long documents up to a maximum of 320 x 1200 mm, and from 52 to 300 gsm. Long printing feature gives the ability to print longer documents such as banners.

Retractable paper tray closed with a gentle push

Paper trays are equipped with a retracting mechanism that gently closes the tray without pushing it in all the way.

Carefree printer management

Let Fuji Xerox proactively manage the health of your print device with access to the right resources and on-time insights, while you focus on your core business.

360°data security

Secure data confidentiality, integrity and availability with strong device level encryption, document rights management and potential data backup creation.

Connect on demand

As your business evolves, Fuji Xerox solutions and services helps you with your transition smoothly and seamlessly.


Xerox ApeosPort VII C3070
  • 2 years onsite warranty*
  • Free delivery Australia wide
  • Onsite demonstration and training

* We also provide services to configure the machine to your network or PC’s

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